Thursday, April 26, 2007

Miss B Turns Six...

A fellow photographer's blog post about unearthing an old photo of his daughter, and lamenting the fact that they grow up so, so fast, got me to thinking... I've been wanting to post this shot of the 'it' girl for a while, but it was so old, I didn't think I should. Well hey, it's her birthday, so here she is, in a moment of joy, Charleston, South Carolina 2004.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Easter at the Beach...

Wow, over a month between blog entries, I must have been busy. Where did March go? Lots of "vanilla" portraits, nothing that hasn't been posted here, (but may be :-), client meetings and some travel. We managed to get the family away for a few days to the beach house at Lincoln City over Easter weekend. Five dozen hard boiled eggs to keep the little ones happy, beautiful weather, and we even inherited a beach fire from a young couple who were leaving on our second day, right out in front of the house! It was like "Quest for Fire" where we succeeded in keeping the embers going for the four days we were there! On our last evening, all set to go down, another family had taken it over! We chalked it up to natural progression and saluted them from our deck. Setting up the martini shot, I kept seeing it as a cover (Oregon Coast, Coastal Living?) and left room in the sky for the masthead. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Perhaps it was that first martini...!

Glad to be back!